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Our aim is to bring quality music from signed and unsigned artists to the game and offer it to all, free of charge. We spit on the monetary value placed upon music solely intended to be enjoyed as a medium of expression, creativity, and original love for music. Team_174 reaches beyond national boundaries and brings you flavours on an International level. Our members span across the globe and bring to the table their own creative flows, their own inspirations, and their own interpretation of Drum & Bass so you can be sure you are receiving an eclectic blend of quality sounds. But wait, we will not stop there! Remember those flavours previously mentioned? Although Drum & Bass is a primary focus for our producers, our members also dabble in the worlds of other electronic dance music. This means, the free EP's up for grabs are a pot luck of genres! We may drop a Drum & Bass EP, or we may drop something else. The DAW is our playground and we could care less what the game is, just know, we are bringing ours!.

Latest Releases

Demo Image

Marc OFX & Lady Emz -
The Words, The Smile & The Tears

My Promise, Love, No More Heroes
Demo Image

Gimpster - From The Box

Timeshift, Collateral, Reznov, Entry, My Soul, Beatbox Fox, Give A Giggle, Twilight, Champion


Demo Image

Marc OFX - Princess Of Clouds

1. Marc OFX - Rain Drops in the Crowd
2. Marc OFX - Princess Of Clouds


Demo Image

Bad Santa Vol 3

1. Rhythm Tek - The Truth Behind
2. Vaenus - Money Is God
3. Dreadmaul - Shiva
4. Cryogenics - Start Again
5. Brederz - Palm Rolled
6. Amparo - Little Brother


Demo Image


1. Astrocyte - Purification (Gooseflux Remix)
2. Jon Carr - Trinkets (Asleep With Headphones remix)
3. Scott Sparx feat Paula Cass - Retrograde (ill effects remix)
4. Asleep With Headphones feat. napz - That Moment (Jon Carr Remix)



Bad Santa Vol 2

v 1. The Hodd - Everywhen (d-.-b remix), 2. Gimpster - Vibe, 3. Mindless - Mars, 4. Caribo - Melody Day (MEJ Bootleg), 5. Dreadmaul - Gangsta 95, 6. Gooseflux - Euphotic Zone, 7. Ill Effects - Enemy, 8. Balloc & Jon Carr - Pimp, Girl, 9. SubNoise - Suck It (Scott Sparx DnB Remix), 10. Astrocyte - Purification<

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